Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Forgotten Characters

The easiest way for a character to be forgotten is to be steamrolled by a leading actress. It’s happen to countless supporting [and even leading] characters. Sure, some are more logically forgotten than others. Take
Waylon Payne in Walk the Line
As Jerry Lee Lewis

as an example. I know that Reese Witherspoon’s June Carter is not much loved as far as Best Actress winners go, and though I won’t call her my favourite winner I don’t think she was bad. As I’ve said before, other than Keira Knightley I felt she had the strongest performance of the nominees. But I digress. The point I’m trying to make is that other than Joaquin’s and Reese’s interpretations Waylon Payne's performance was my favourite in the film. He has under ten minutes of screen time, but it’s further proof that he needs to get a significant [film] role because the man is essentially an unknown [who in some cases looks oddly like Neil Patrick Harris].
The majority of importance in Payne’s performance comes about mid way through the film. As Johnny Cash drives June and others to a tour destination Jerry Lee talks about the music that they make.
God gave us a big apple. And he said “DON’T TOUCH THAT.” He didn’t say take a nibble when you’re hungry. He said, “DON’T TOUCH IT. Don’t think ‘bout touchin’ it, don’t SING ‘bout touchin’ it, and don’t SING ‘bout THINKIN’ ‘bout touching it.
Of course on paper the piece still is humorous, but it’s Payne’s delivery that always entertains me. That palpable but not over the top Southern drawl along with his gestures is just a nice little piece of acting. It’s as much that he’s given in the entire film and I kind of wish that they’d have focused on his career just a tad bit more. I feel really bad going to his IMDB page and seeing that he's done so little. With such a small role, it's a nice turn. However, hidden in a good film with good performances, it’s no surprise that Jerry Lee has become a forgotten character.
What about you? Can you even remember him?

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Univarn said...

As forgotten characters go you surely hit a high note here... I remember him saying that, I remember him being in the film, beyond that I don't remember a single thing about him in the film.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

He just goes in and out making similarly snide remarks. But it does say something that you remember that part.

CrazyCris said...

You're right... I remember Jerry Lee Lewis as being in the movie... I remember his singing (probably because I've listened to the soundtrack lord knows how many times! lol) but I don't quite remember him!

anahita said...

ok, admittedly this guy was very good, but in my opinion the forgotten character in walk the line was his first wife played by ginny goodwin. she's such an amazing actress - one of my favourites, and she played the part so well xxxx

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

Cris: Forgotten indeed.

Anahita: Goodwin is a perfect coasting actress. she was also 'forgotten' in Mona Lisa Smile. That being, said, she should have been more recognised for Walk the Line.

Anonymous said...

I remember thinking he'd actually do quite well as a 'spin-off' character for a biography (for example I also think that james Cromwell is now the man to play George Bush Snr. in any TV/movie biopic). Glad to see I'm not the only person who noticed him.