Saturday, 7 November 2009

2009 in Film

I've still seen only 27 films so far for the year. The most I've done in a year is the massive 72 I watched in 2007 - although that took me fifteen months. But still. I decided that I'm going to even look at the badly reviewed crap [for free of course]. I mean what kind of amateur critic am I if I don't watch everything? I've got to see as much as possible before the end of February 2010 at least.
Highly Anxious - Potential Top Ten?
NINE: Right now there is nothing can dissuade my huge anticipation for this. Now it’s only a question of whether or not my effusive [and potentially unwarranted] eagerness will make whatever it turns out to be pale in comparison. Still, I’m staying hopeful.   
THE LOVELY BONES: Word on this has been slight and maybe that’s a good thing. Still, at the moment, it’s one of the ones I’m more anxious for. Even if I didn’t love the cast, Peter Jackson’s presence is enough for me. 
AN EDUCATION: Further proof of how much it sucks where I am. I haven’t seen this yet, and sure everyone didn’t exactly give it raves. Still, I’m waiting impatiently for this to reach.
BRIGHT STAR: As I am waiting for this.   
AGORA: This is another film I haven’t heard much about since those few words from the Cannes. But from where I am, it looks very promising.  
THE LAST STATION: Although it hasn’t been getting across the board raves, I haven’t heard a negative review and the presence of Mirren alone would make me want to see it; but add it Paul Giamati, James McAvoy and Christopher Plummer and I’m essentially on edge.
AVATAR: Sure I wish 3D would just die already, but it’s James Cameron. Sure, the trailer didn’t exactly have me salivating – but few trailers do. So on that note, I’m waiting.
THE PRINCESS & THE FROG: I like to believe that nothing can combat good, old fashioned 2D animation. Hopefully it’s a return to form, it’s about blessed time.
A SINGLE MAN: It’s a bit silly making Julianne Moore land this in my top ten anticipated films. I can’t say I’m a fan of Colin Firth. But yeah, Julianne’s bit supporting role has this here. I didn’t say I thought logically…
Anxiously Awaiting...they could surprise...
THE WHITE RIBBON: I’m sure it’ll be good…but will I love it. Let’s wait and see.
PRECIOUS: I’ve given you an earful [and then some] on this and all things related. But I still want to see this, badly.
A SERIOUS MAN: It’s been getting good reviews and though I can’t say I love the Coens, I’m still there.
WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE: I don’t have any childhood experiences related to the book, so nepotism is out. I have a feeling I’m not going to love it like everyone else. But I’m going in hoping I will. Kind of.
THE MEN WHO STARE AT GOATS: Clooney aside, it looks Golden.
I'm sure they'll at least be enjoyable...
SHERLOCK HOLMES: Jude Law alone should make this higher on the list. Robert Downey Jr. only extra, but I don’t know. Something’s bugging me…
UP IN THE AIR: Purely Vera Farmiga. Everyone else involved is just of passing importance to me.
NEW YORK, I LOVE YOU: Ethan Hawke is a main part of why I want to see this, it seems interesting and clichéd at the same time…but still.
WHIP IT: Hopefully I’ll see this soon. Hopefully.
THE INFORMANT: It’s another one I should have seen by now. I’ll see how it goes.
CLOUD WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS: Hmmm. I don’t know how it’s so high on my anticipation list actually.
MOON: I’m trusting Univarn here. We’ll see how that goes.

I'm being optimistic...
INVICTUS: Not a fan of Eastwood but Freeman and Damon are good. But something tells me don’t get your hopes up. That probably means it’ll win best picture.
BROTHERS: Shouldn’t we be hearing more about this by now?
EVERYBODY’S FINE: I have a feeling this is going to crap. But hey, it’s DeNiro. 
THE ROAD: I just feel as if I won’t like it. But I’ll try to.  
THE FANTASTIC MR FOX: Ugh. Another cartoon.
PIRATE RADIO [The Boat That Rocked]: I should be seeing this in a week. We’ll see how that goes. ANTICHRIST: Okay then Von Trier. Do your worst.   
PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: Though The Mad Hatter seemed to love it, I can’t say it’s my type of film. Still…I’m being hopeful.   
COCO AVANT CHANEL: I didn’t like the Lifetime movie. And that had Shirley MacLaine…  
CAPITALISM: A LOVE STORY: I’m so over this guy. He’s turning into a pimple that’s overstayed its welcome   
TAKING WOODSTOCK: Hmmm. I’ll see what happens.  
I CAN DO BAD ALL BY MYSELF: Something will be redeeming in it. Surely?  
9: Yes, I’m still being hopeful about this.  
AWAY WE GO: Why have I been avoiding this? 
THE BROTHERS BLOOM: Rachel Weisz…why have I not seen you yet?
Hmmm. How bad could it be?
ITS COMPLICATED: It’ll never be as great as Something’s Gotta Give. Can it?
CREATION: Should I? Should I not?
ME& ORSON WELLES: Totally nonplussed about this.
A CHRISTMAS CAROL: Another one of these. Sigh.
Curiosity may have killed the cat; but... 
BLIND SIDE: Sandra Bullock. There was a time I at least respected you. What was I thinking
MOTHERHOOD: On second though, I just might skip this…
THE INVENTION OF LYING: An unfunny comedy? Count me in. 
ZOMBIELAND: Not my thing. But I’ll acquiesce. Maybe.    
FUNNY PEOPLE: I’ll do it for Leslie Mann.
Only For Free. I refuse to pay!
AMELIA: Do I have to
LAW ABIDING CITIZEN: Not bloody likely.
JENNIFER’S BODY: I probably will. But who knows?
Groan. In the name of film bad as it may be...
THE STEPFATHER: They’ll drag me, kicking and screaming.

Is there anything I'm missing that I should add?


Alex in Movieland said...

I can't wait for Nine!!! I hope I'll love it! Or at least its look & style :)

CrazyCris said...

If I've got the count right, I've seen 36 movies in the cinema this year (two them I actually saw twice!).
I used to see more, when I lived here in Belgium before. But in Spain I don't make much of an effort... the city I live in gets mostly commercial-US fare and all dubbed. I miss the international diversity I got in Belgium! So I'm trying to catch as much as I can these 3 months I'm back in the country!

Looking forward to (international stuff):
Agora (am hoping it reaches Belgium before I head back to Spain... because I'll probably have missed it in Spain since it hit screens there in September!)
The White Ribbon (is on-screen now, so soon!)
The Concert (comes out this week)
Le Petit Nicolas
Micmacs à Tir-Larigot (new movie Jean_Pierre Jeunet of Amélie fame)

Of those you mention I've seen two:
The Boat that Rocked (i.e. Pirate Radio) -> not much plot but boatloads of fun + a great soundtrack!
Coco Avant Channel -> Amazing Audrey Tatou!