Sunday, 8 November 2009

2007: The 72 I Saw

So I saw 72 films of 2007, which is a respectable total. Here’s my rundown of them. In ascending order as per usual. Tell what you think I should see.

Blades of Glory [#72]
Why? It’s an honest question. Why would anyone make this? Why would anyone fund it? Why star is this? Why watch it? Why? Why? Why?
Norbit [#71]
Sigh. If this is why he lost the Oscar, thank god it came out. Other than that…ugh.
Wild Hogs [#70]
No comment. I can’t bear it.
Fred Claus [#69]
Well, what did you expect? With a name like this… shame on them.
Next [#68]
When Julianne Moore cannot salvage a film you have to wonder just what’s going on. This movie is just bad, bad, bad.
300 [#67]
I never got the hype, and I still don’t get the hype. What an embarrassment.
Rush Hour 3 [#66]
Sometimes, you just need to know when to stop.
Transformers [# 65]
What do you think?
Stomp the Yard [# 64]
Er. Okay, then.
A Perfect Stranger [# 63]
No, Halle. Just…no.
I Am Legend [#62]
It was all right.
Because I Said So [#61]
Yeah, it was pretty bad. But there were moments. Far and in between of course. But still…moments.
Beowulf [#60]
I didn’t appreciate, although it tries. It really did try.
Surf’s Up [#59]
Incredibly unfunny.
This Christmas [#58]
What a bland movie this was.
The Bucket List [#57]
Morgan and Jack could have done way better.
I Know Who Killed Me [#56]
Yeah, I give it a C. What about you?
Daddy’s Little Girls [#55]
In the Valley of Elah [#54]
Perhaps it’s because I was not culturally involved in the subject, but I didn’t feel moved by this.
I Think I Love My Wife [#53]
I can at least applaud them for trying to make a sensible film.
Stardust [#52]
Well it did have Michelle. Slightly.
Music & Lyrics [#51]
Drew and Hugh and usually so good at this genre this was a disappointment.
Bee Movie [#50]
Not as smart or sharp as it should have been or could have been.
The Brave One [#49]
For someone reason I really didn’t get into this.
No Reservations [#48]
It’s trite, but the presence of Catherine, Aaron and Abigail helps, for sure.
The Nanny Diaries [#47]
Scarlett tries and Laura Linney and Paul Giamati are good in flashes.
Why Did I Get Married [#46]
It’s the most complete of his films yet, and though he could help falling into some of the same stereotypical crap, it was fine.
Freedom Writers [#45]
Hillary was fine in this, though Patrick Dempsey does nothing for me outside of Seattle Grace Hospital.
Ocean’s Thirteen [#44]
Compared to how much the previous two entertained, this was a disappointment.
American Gangster [#43]
It’s okay I suppose, but I can’t rate it higher.
Evan Almighty [#42]
Steve Carrel’s charm is helpful and Wanda Sykes and Lauren Graham are great supporting actors.
The Golden Age [#41]
Guilty pleasure? You bet.
PS I Love You [#40]
How I miss Lisa Kudrow.
I’m Not There [#39]
Just for their originality, it deserves to be seen; but I don’t love it…or really like it.
Across the Universe [#38]
After that horrific middle section nothing can save it. Not even 'Hey Jude'.
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End [#37]
I can’t hate it. I tried, but I can’t.
La Vie En Rose [#36]
It’s a nice, little, sometime choppy French film. But did I say it was nice?
Michael Clayton [#35]
I don’t think it’s as smart as it thinks it is. Cardinal sin.
Knocked Up [#34]
I wasn’t one of those praising this wildly. It’s unrealistic, but it rises above the crap of most films akin.
Into the Wild [#33]
I wanted to like it more than I did.
Charlie Wilson’s War [#32]
It’s an effective, if understated comedy with a top notch cast.
Dan in Real Life [#31]
Very subtle, but good.
Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix [#30]
Even my damned Rupert Grint couldn’t salvage the children’s performances. Given, he had horrible lines. That being said Imelda Staunton, Michael Gambon sometimes, Maggie Smith, Emma Thompson and Alan Rickman do good work. And good grief, Helena Bonham Carter. Yum.
Margot at the Wedding [#29]
Though I didn’t love, the originality was pleasing.
Gone Baby Gone [#28]
It’s no Mystic River, but it’s a not bad.
Reservation Road [#27]
Talk about being steamrolled. It was not horrible.
Shrek the Third [#26]
Yes the films get progressively worse, but it’s not crappy.
August Rush [#25]
I feel that Keri Russel and Jonathan Rhys Myers were wasted, though the film is not bad by any means.
Catch & Release [#24]
A romantic comedy – Yikes. It’s ultra lite, and very pat in the end but it has a certain charm. Sue me.
Zodiac [#23]
It’s good I guess, but I don’t think I got the hype. I should rewatch it.
Things We Lost in the Fire [#22]
It gets very slow at times, but it’s a fine film mostly.
Juno [#21]
Diablo Cody was not the hero of the film. Ellen and Jennifer making those lines work were the heroes.
Once [#20]
Very, very sweet.
Lars & the Real Girl [#19]
It seems like such a silly idea and it comes off so…smart?
A Mighty Heart [#18]
It’s a good first feature. I was impressed. What of you?
The Bourne Ultimatum [#17]
I’m partial to the first one, but it’s still entertaining without vetoing intelligence.
Sicko [#16]
Why am I sucker for the Clintons and anything they’re in?
Away From Her [#15]
It got so faulty sometimes, but Pinsent and Christie save the day.
Hairspray [#14]
Light and wrought with some bauble like qualities, but it works perfectly.
Spider Man 3 [#13]
My number 13. Yes, I liked it.
Ratatouille [#12]
I’m surprised this ended up so high, but yeah it was a nice movie.
Enchanted [#11]
So cute…and not in a deprecating way. Just nice, if only James Marsden and Amy Adams ended up together. Patrick Dempsey needed to MOVE!
The Assassination of Jesse James [#10]
Technically it’s impressive, and overall it’s a very controlled film.
The Savages [#9]
I hope me and my sisters don’t end up like this. On that not, it was good.
Persopilis [#8]
You know I like my traditional animation, and this was a just a good movie [animated, or no]
No Country for Old Men [#7]
I won’t deny, it was good. It was very good.
There Will Be Blood [#6]
Smartly done.
The Golden Compass [#5]
Did you hate this? Sound off below…but obviously I did. A lot.
Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street [#4]
It’s a good film as I’ve mentioned. Not Burton’s best, but the man has some good stuff to top.
Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead [#3]
This could have gotten so heavy handed or annoying, but instead it came off as a very strong, emotional film.
The Diving Bell & the Butterfly [#2]
It’s just so great. How could you ignore Oscar? How?
Atonement [#1]
…Which brings me to this? Ignored by the guilds….do they hate the Brits? Something’s wrong with these folks. But tell me what you thought of it. Be honest – I can take it.
So there you have. I feel I’m missing something I saw, but yeah, that’s the list. Thoughts?


Matt Foster said...

Glad I'm not the only one who loved Before The Devil Knows You're Dead. Such an under-appreciated film and I don't understand why. It's just so engaging.

Three other 2007 films that I enjoyed that you might want to check out:

Reign Over Me - Quite a moving film, but see it for Adam Sandler. He surprised me.

Lions for Lambs - Another under-appreciated film. Perhaps because it's so wordy. But I was very taken by it.

Day Watch - Russian sci-fi action, the sequel to Night Watch. So see that first if you haven't yet. Both films are incredibly inventive and mind-blowing.

Having said that, there are a hell of a lot of those 72 on your list that I haven't seen, so kudos to you!

Anonymous said...

It takes a real trooper to sit through Norbit and Blades of Glory.

Sad to see I'm Not There so far down the list, but I am a huge Dylan fan, which might explain it.