Thursday, 22 October 2009

The Office, 6:6 "The Lover"

I realise that my posting of The Office has turned into a fortnightly thing. I’ll try to abate that next week. Anyhow, tonight saw the return of Pam and Jim to The Office and what ensued was one of my favourite episodes. Ever. The follow-up to Niagara [Mafia] was enjoyable but not outstanding but this episode really was good. It focused on Pam finding out that her mother and Michael are a couple.
I’ve noticed that the cold openings have become more and more integrated with the plot. This opening concerned the newlyweds returning and their reception. I love when Meredith has her one liners. This time she can’t beehive that all Pam and Jim brought back was Puerto Rican candy. Before I get to the meat of the episode, I have to address the ridiculously wonderful subplot. In an attempt to undermine Jim, Dwight gives him a wooden mallard [a duck] with a listening device on it. Don’t ask what Dwight expects to hear Jim saying, but of course Jim finds it and what he does to Dwight is quite funny.
But back to the main plot. Jim finds out first about the relationship and I’m a bit nonplussed about his reaction. He immediately flies off the handling warning Michael not to tell her. Due to Erin [the new receptionist’s] all around dumbness Michael is pushed to tell Pam and she freaks out. Let me just say that Jenna Fischer has to submit this episode for her Emmy reel next year and she must be nominated. It’s Pam like we’ve never seen her. She calls her mother in a rage and it all culminates in a board room meeting that pits Michael against Pam. It’s funny with hints of sadness and it’s all handled so well. It’s just perfect.
At the end you can’t help feeling bad for Michael but we don’t know what will happen since it’s more or less left open. And the sadness of the episode is dimmed by Dwight’s last few seconds. Apparently the mallard was a decoy, the real listening device is in a pen on Jim’s desk. The look of intent as Dwight listens to his six hours of tape is both ludicrous, funny and oddly scary.
You think I’d put my real recorder in a wooden mallard. I’m not crazy.
Of course you’re not, Dwight. Of course, you’re not.
The episode really was a success Krasinski, Wilson, Carell and especially Fsicher shone brightly. And B.J. Novak even had a substantial one liner, two actually, so I was verry happy. I miss Ryan.

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