Thursday, 8 October 2009

The Office, 6:4 "Niagara"

The long waited wedding of Pam and Jim of has finally come. It’s one of those special moments that require an entire hour giving every Office member a chance to shine. The cold open grabs me immediately. Due to Pam’s pregnancy she asks the staff to kindly refrain from eating lunches with pungent smells in the work area. She also requests that persons with particularly aromatic soaps and perfumes hold off for the next month.
Phyllis: This is just ridiculous.
Dwight of course has to be the ass
Dwight: I’m sorry. Did anyone vote for Pam to get pregnant?
So he proceeds to eat his pungent hardboiled eggs in front of pan…who proceeds to vomit into her garbage bin right in front of him. It’s like a domino effect and everyone vomits as Dwight looks around confused. And somehow this turns out way funnier and a lot less gross than it sounds.

Pam and Jim ask everyone to keep quiet about the pregnancy because Pam’s grandmother doesn’t know…and she’s quite old fashioned. And it is cute when Michael threatens everyone to be on their best behaviour at the wedding. Although the person he should be warning is himself The drive down to Niagara is funny in it’s own right.

Andy: Not only is Erin sweet and cute. She smells like my mom.

I don’t know who’s sadder. Kevin or Andy.
Michael ends up with no room due to his stupidity.
Michael: When Mary was denied a room at the inn, Jesus was born. When Michael was denied a room at the inn…we don’t know what happened. That story hasn’t happened as yet.
We are introduced to Pam’s grandmother, and she is a freak. She's one angry looking old woman. One of my favourite moments comes when Pam’s sister mistakes Kevin for a gay man, and Oscar’s date.
Oscar: You thought I was dating him? HIM? You owe me an apology.
Oscar’s delivery is just splendid. Poor guy, he really can’t catch a break.
The rehearsal dinner of course must be eventful and Jim eventually spills the beans about you know what in front of you know There's this wicked line deliver.

Mamaw: This movie called Bruno was on... and I couldn't get the TV off. I had to just sit there while it happened to me. And I thought, 'why would they pick a hotel like this'. Now I know.


…but that’s the just the tip of the iceberg and the episode improves as it goes on. The ending of the episode is both sweet and funny and it has some of the best Office moments of the Andy splits his banana [you know what I mean], Kevin dons a wig, and Dwight hooks up with one of the bridesmaids. Ew. It's a great episode. I hope you didn't miss it...and if you did. Try to see it.

One sad thing though is that I realised how much I miss B. J.Novak having an actual role. He's easily the best supporting player on the show. Maybe even the best period. He needs a storyline.

First half A
Third Quarter  B+
Last give minutes A+

Over all Grade: A

Off topic:           

I always marvel when I see Michael in casual clothes. He looks so normal I forget he’s a freak…and then he opens his mouth.


Univarn said...

My enjoyment of The Office comes and goes, and if it wasn't for Fringe I most definitely would have checked this out. I'll catch it on Hulu later today and include it in my TV lookback later on.

The Mad Hatter said...

This is easily one of the best episodes they've ever done, and a truly fitting way to tell the wedding story of PB&J.

I'm still giggling at Dwight's fascination of the twins.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

The Office is definitely not for everyone Bryan so I understand...but it was one of the best they've done as Mad Hatter says.Dwight's fascination with the twins was really stupid. But funny. Have to say though, Kevin's Kleenex shoes were the best.