Thursday, 1 October 2009

The Office, 6:3 "The Promotion"

This episode of The Office was better than last week’s episode. Jim and Michael must now deal with being co-managers and the end result was quite amusing. When David Wallace calls to inform the two that the company is experiencing some financial difficulties it is their job to decide how raises will be given. This leads to my favourite scene in the episode where Jim and Michael brainstorm for ideas. Actually, it’s more like Jim brainstorming and Michael being Michael. Jim being a good worker ponders how to make the decreased revenue work for everyone.
Michael to Jim “Don’t take this the wrong way, but I think you use your brain too much.
Typical Michael moment. As Jim makes list after list of pros and cons Michael gets more and more annoyed. He sets Jim up for the fall when he lets Jim go out and announce his idea. Only the sales persons get raises. Dwight, who is of course pissed that Jim got promoted, is ready to rile up the other non sales staff even though he’s on the sales staff and would be getting a raise. Everyone in the office gets annoyed.
Meredith to Jim “My kid needs new shoes. Do you wanna tell my kid he can’t get shoes?”
Eventually Jim and Michael go back to the drawing board but not with any substantial results. In fact the episode ends and their dilemma is unsolved but Michael realises the pros of having Jim as co-manager because he doesn’t have to make the tough decisions alone. He bashfully tells Jim to wait as he goes and gets a gift from his office. He comes back with two coffee mugs.
Jim to Michael “What’s in this?

Michael to Jim “Gin.”
The subplot this week concerned Pam coasting for wedding gifts. Apparently she and Jim are going through a rough patch and although they registered for wedding gifts she would prefer if they get money. She tries to hint this to Phyllis, but it kind of goes over her head. When Pam says they’ll accept gifts that are not registered [money] she’s happy. She has a cousin who makes custom made mailbox birth baths.
Phyllis to Pam “You’re not registered for birdbaths. Are you?
The last minute before the credits is good if only because B. J. Novak gets something to do. It’s cool as Pam inadvertently becomes Ryan’s gambling buddy. All in all, it was a good episode.

Did you watch? Any thoughts?

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Peter Chan said...

I can't help it. The last couple of seasons made me like Jim less and less. The snobby stigma carries finally got me this episode to a point I was rooting for him to fail. What happened to the lovable Jim Halpert from the earlier seasons?