Sunday, 18 October 2009

I Suck. I Suck. I Suck.

I’ve turned into one of those pseudo bloggers who don’t really do any blogging. It’s sick and unforgivable so apologies to all the faithful followers [and visitors]. The old ball and chain [aka my computer] has been acting up. I’m in the process of getting a new one, but that’s a work in progress. But I can’t put all the blame on that, I’m just dry at the moment. But I’m working on some Forgotten Characters, some favourite films and a new review. 500 Days of Summer has finally reached Guyana. Talk about delayed reaction, so I’ll have a review of that as soon as possible.
In addition, it’s strange that even though I have all the data on my computer, I’ve never given you my thoughts on 2008. Probably because I know that many persons will be pissed and because it’s so recent you’ll all have your favourites embedded in your minds. But ah, what the hell. Now is as good a time as ever so I’ll get the ball rolling sometime next week on Monday beginning with a look at 2008 in Supporting Actresses. I’ll take a look at each of the main categories daily and at the end of the week I’ll post the winners.
Meanwhile keep checking the sidebar, even if I’m getting barren the blogosphere is still a buzz.
Once again, I apologise for the dryness around here. It sucks, but being ironic I'll blame it on the rain; which is falling profusely here.


Univarn said...

The rain? Aw come on! You should have gone with the dog ate your computer. Then you get both computer issue + cliche blaming, it's a win-win :). I look forward to your 2008, especially since I was very unhappy with the supporting batch of that year all around... curious if you feel the same.

joe burns said...

I look forward to your 2008 awards too.

The Mad Hatter said...

Don't dispair man! You're keeping up a great pace...I've heard the first three months are the hardest hurdle to pass where a blog is concerned, and you seem to have handled that with ease.

Just let it come - don't worry about what the person in the desk next to you is writing.

In short - kerep the good stuff comin!