Sunday, 11 October 2009

Favourite Characters: The Nineties

This list AIN'T exhaustive...and it's completely random. 
Spot any of your favourites?


Danny King said...

Love Marisa Tomei as an actress and in My Cousin Vinny. Depp does a great job with Scissorhands, but the movie is only slightly above average.

Twister said...

Glad to see Mona Lisa Vito on here!

Lolita said...

Tyler Durden, without a doubt!

The Mad Hatter said...

I always like Marla Singer from FIGHT CLUB an awful lot too. She's sort of a "1A' to Tyler's "1" for me.

Two more that would have made my list:

Kevin Spacey as Verbal Kent in THE USUAL SUSPECTS
Vince Vaughan as Trent in SWINGERS

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

Actually I don't really like Scissorhands but Depp is kind of awesome in it.

And I would have put Marla Singer but I already had a Fight Club member and I rather her Helen Schlegel, although it is like choosing children.

blake said...

Nice list! I would have included Marla as well, but you already have Helena Bonham Carter and a representative for Fight Club, so it works out well.

joe burns said...

Love Marisa, but don't care for Benning's performance in The Grifters.