Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Cinematic Misunderstandings

Maybe it’s just me; but haven’t you ever heard the name of movie, then imagined what it’s about and then get thrown for a loop when you actually sit down and see it? I suppose I have more energetic imagination than most since not only do I assume what it’s about but I imagine beginning, middle and ending. And then some. Here are some of the prospective films that turned out to be quite different than I  envisioned.
The Big Chill
My misunderstanding hinged on the word chill. I always assumed the word chill was used as in chilling as in horror. Thus, I was convinced that this was a horror movie. In addition the inclusion of Glenn Close in the cast [at the time I knew her from 101 Dalmatians and Fatal Attraction] only incensed the feeling. So I was essentially telling myself that I was in for a big scare. Well there was no scare. Great movie, just not very chilling.
Million Dollar Baby
Two words – human trafficking. You know those movies where a baby gets stolen and then gets sold on the black market? That’s what I was expecting. Of course my imagination was curbed by the clips from the Oscars and other awards and I realised it was not a movie about human trafficking of any sorts. It was about boxing. I still do not get the significance of the title. But I don’t care enough to go check it out.
The African Queen

Mr. Allnut. Whom exactly is this African Queen that the title refers to?

I know this had Bogart and Hepburn and I know the film was up for a number of Oscars. Silly me, I took the title literally and figures it was about a real African Queen. I was thinking something along the lines of a female Tarzan or something. I mean, you know that Kate would have been up for it. All that physicality would be right up her alley. I’m sure I’m not the only one who was misled by this title. Was I?
Good Will Hunting
So embarrassing. It was a while before I saw this in print and realised it was Good Will Hunting and not Goodwill Hunting. So yeah I thought this a movie about hunting, hunting in goodwill. You know, one of those seemingly oxymoronic or paradoxical movie titles. Come on, you have to admit that it’s a pretty good name. Right? Anyone...?
The Cider House Rules
I was convinced that this was a college movie. Tobey Maguire was a college student and Michael Caine was the headmaster, and there was a boisterous and potentially controversial fraternity called the Cider House. And the Cider House Ruled! This is even more embarrassing than The African Queen, but as you can see my little brain just flits about.
Expect more instalments subsequently.
What titles have you misunderstood?


Anonymous said...

'there will be blood' ... prior to any oscar publicity or even knowing that it was directed by Paul Thomas Anderson and that it starred Daniel day Lewis I was thinking, horror, obviously and possibly a link to the 'Saw' franchise because, if I remember rightly, 'there will be blood' - or something similar - was used as a tag line to 'Saw II'...

Twister said...

Great post!

I'll try to do one like this soon.

MrJeffery said...

Funny idea.

joe burns said...

I agree on Good Will Hunting. It's a stupid title, in my opinion.