Monday, 7 September 2009

That Elusive Third Oscar

Meryl Streep fans either get me really annoyed or really amused. Okay, not all her fans…but those rabid ones that will not rest until she earns her third Oscar. But who am I to judge? I have my own people I get fanatic about…and to each his own. Ne c’est pas? Anyhow, this is not a post about Ms. Streep…well not really. I understand that Meryl is one of the few older actors that is still constantly working…because you know everyone cowers in fear when she demands a role… but there are a few other great stars with two Oscars who deserve a third. But will they ever get that elusive third Oscar…I don’t think so…I hope…but I don’t think so. This isn’t a list of persons who deserve that Oscar more than Meryl. That’s debatable. Obviously. It's just a list of good actors [some working more than others] who should be giving Meryl a run for her money as far as that third Oscar is concerned.                                                                                                                                                                    
Maggie Smith

Best Actress – The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie
Best Supporting Actress – California Suite

I am content watching her act in her sleep in The Harry Potter films, but I know she’s still got a lot of life left in her. And thus, I am patiently waiting…patiently waiting…of course she may not win. That is likely…but if she gets another plum role like she did in Gosford Park that would please me very much. As much as I love that other Dame, you have to admit that when Maggie does it well she is one fire...and that is not a question. 
Daniel Day Lewis

Best Actor – My Left Foot
Best Actor – There Will Be Blood

Daniel Day Lewis is magnificent. This man is so talented…but we already know that. I’m not crazy enough to think he’ll win that third Oscar for Nine [cross fingers]…but I think he’ll win it sometime though. Just because he is so talented…and just because he’s so talented…and just because… okay you get the picture. But really. I can think of five outstanding performances from him.He's just that good...or maybe I'm just obsessed. Either way. I want him to get that third Oscar.

Diane Wiest

Best Supporting Actress – Hannah & Her Sisters
Best Supporting Actress – Bullets Over Broadway

I like Brenda Fricker, but Wiest should have won an Oscar for Parenthood. That would have given her three. Diane Wiest reminds a whole lot of Marcia Gay Harden and that’s one of the reasons that I like her. But she’s also a really good actress – so there’s that. She’s doing her thing on In Treatment [which won her an Emmy], so she still can act. So somebody needs to give her a role.A nice juicy leading role. I'd just like to see her carry a film on her own.
Kevin Spacey

Best Supporting Actor – The Usual Suspects
Best Actor – American Beauty

We need a revival of Kevin Spacey. He can still act – that I am sure of. But he needs to win an Oscar. Okay, scratch that. He needs a good role. He doesn’t have to win an Oscar…but I won’t mind…I really would not mind if he wins another Oscar. Just because he’s that good…and just because anyone who can go toe to toe with Annette Bening deserves some accolades…again and again…
Jane Fonda

Best Actress – Klute
Best Actress – Coming Home

I am a big fan of Jane Fonda. She’s gorgeous, she’s talented, she’s smart and she’s funny. I figure that she’s all but done with acting but if someone were to serve her up a plum role she would devour the opportunity to win that third Oscar. Just because she’s talented. Monster-in-Law was a mixed bag, but La Fonda was delightful.

 Sally Field

Best Actress – Norma Rae
Best Actress – Places in the Heart

Sally seems quite content getting the Emmy love on ABC’s Brothers & Sisters, but it would be nice to see her back in the movies. She won two Oscars in a relatively short time and she knows that Oscar really likes her…so it wouldn’t be that hard for her… I mean, who out there wouldn't like to see her back on the big screen. Who does not like Sally Field. She's like Julia Roberts...older and with more talent.
Dustin Hoffman

Best Actor – Kramer vs Kramer
Best Actor – Rain Man

Whatever happened to Dustin? He needs to get back in the game. Actually he’s not been that least he’s still doing movies. I’ve always liked him in comedy but Last Chance Harvey wasn’t quite right for the job. Something a little more profound – or original maybe. I do think he has at least one good performance left in him.

Emma Thompson

Best Actress – Howards End
Best Adapted Screenplay – Sense & Sensibility

This is a cheat. I know. But Emma is one of my favourites and she just needs a good role. She was good in Last Chance, Harvey…though it was lightweight and I loved her in Stranger Than Fiction. I wonder if her bit role in An Education is any good. I don’t realise I miss her until I see her again. I’m a bad fan…

Jessica Lange

Best Supporting Actress – Tootsie
Best Actress – Blue Sky

Jessica Lange is wonderful. Most persons are mixed when it comes to her…and although she may not be one of top 20 or so…she’s high up. It would have been great if Grey Gardens was a cinematic release…as it is though I’m ready for her to get a good role because she can still act like hell. So now, she needs a role to give her a reason to act…like hell.

Which of these actors deserves a third? Who deserves a third that's not here?

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DEZMOND said...

I'd say that my list of those who deserve the first or the second one is much longer than the list of those who deserve the third one :)

Rae Kasey said...

I like Meryl as much as the next person, and think she's talented enough to deserve a third at some point in time, but I do not understand why the fanatics think she should win for literally every single movie she ever makes.

She was charming and wonderful in Julie & Julia, but I don't typically think a performance is Oscar-worthy unless my jaw hits the floor. I enjoyed her role, but wasn't floored.

DEZMOND said...

Because literally every role she makes is a master piece, and she is one of the rare ones who can renew themselves in every role presenting a totally new character. Almost no one else can do that. With most other actors you can always see them behind the character, while Meryl is always just the character.

Her role in JULIE AND JULIA is Oscar worthy because if you know the life, career, personality and image of famous Julia Child, you'll be swept of your feet with how Meryl managed to depict and portray her down to the very last detail.
It not about the drama and the film, but how the actors portray their roles in a deeply professional sense.

Anonymous said...

I was taken back by the fanaticism for Streep when she was in competition for Doubt last year. I was afraid to voice displeasure over the role.

Daniel-Day Lewis will get his third Oscar. In a just world, Spacey would get a nod for his role as GERTY, but this is a world of reality.

Rae Kasey said...

See, this is what confuses me. While Meryl is obviously having a good time in Mamma Mia!, and is easily the most watchable cast member in the film, I don't think her performance was a masterpiece.

And yet before Doubt came out there was talk of her landing a nomination for it. I think some people let their love for the woman and her admittedly gargantuan talent blind them to better performnces almost every year.

@James D.: I agree 100% about Doubt. She was good, but not great. In my opinion, Amy Adams handily out-classed her in every scene they shared.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

My beef with Streep fans is that you can't say so and so actor is great and does wonderful work without them saying Streep is better. I think Katharine Hepburn is the best actor - ever. Period. But if people don't like her I don't get crazy. I can appreciate that other persons like other actors more. I just always feel as if Streep is saying look at me, look at me. This is acting. My favourite performance of hers this decade was in The Hours

Rae Kasey said...

I find it incredibly annoying that almost any discussion of the Best Actress race in a year in which Streep has a baity role out inevitably turns into "THIS IS MERYL'S YEAR. EVERYONE BETTER GET USED TO IT BECAUSE NO ONE IS BEATING HER THIS TIME."

The fanatic Streep fans are oftentimes downright hostile if you favor the performance of any other actress. It's completely bizarre.

Wayne B. said...

Agree with you 100% on Maggie Smith or Dianne Wiest getting a third Oscar. Love them both.

Alex in Movieland said...

Meryl obviously went pass it a couple of times (ironically, mostly in the 80s). But I think Jane Fonda also had crazy potential of getting a 3rd and it would've seem just right.

Douglas Racso said...

Meryl Streep all the way

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

It's kind of funny how this turned into a Meryl discussion :D