Monday, 21 September 2009

That Dreaded Emmy Post...

Notice how despite the increasingly superfluous TV in my Encore World I have done absolutely no writing on the Emmy’s? I really had no anticipation for the awards. But I watched last night – hence this. A rundown of my thoughts on the ceremony...well the results.
The Fan-tucking-fastic [and no, not a typo]
Kristin Chenoweth winning for Pushing Daisies. Nothing could have pleased me more. I’ll admit I hate that Vanessa Williams is continually snubbed, and I will admit I have a big crush on Jane Krakowski but Kristin is my girl. She deserved that nod, and I’m still reeling that she is unemployed. ABC, you’re lucky I love you because I would so be boycotting your network.

Smile stop. THE OSCARS!

The Wonderful
Glenn Close and Jessica Lange both walked off with Oscars Emmy’s. Glenn already won this last year but oh well, you can never have enough. I would have liked it more if she tied with Kyra Sydgwick…but this is Glenn Close. And Jessica Lange seemed like such a little girl – so happy to be there, so thankful.
The Trite
Mad Men and 30 Rock. This is not because of their consecutive wins. I have nothing against shows winning consecutively. In 30 Rock’s case I just really wanted The Office to win – and Tina Fey really rubs me the wrong way…and Mad Men is fine but it’s becoming way too omnipresent and I would just loved to see Dexter win…but that ain’t happening. But imagine the huge gasp there would be.
Little Dorrit. Enough said, but I’ll continue. It wasn’t bad that they won but their speeches were god-awful. Especially the producer. She had no emotion. She had the paper in her hand and yet was reciting it from head staring blankly ahead. If I didn’t love the British she would make me hate them. But then I remember all British women are not Kristin Scott Thomas, Helena Bonham Carter, Emma Thompson, Kate Winslet…
Jennifer Love Hewitt. Why did they let that chicken present with the best medium on TV? Anyone? And is it just me or did Patricia Arquette look exceptionally peeved. I can’t blame her, though.

       A Chicken with huge breasts

The Sad
Once again Steve Carrell and Michael C. Hall walk away empty handed. I can live with Carrell not winning. He’s funny and wonderful but people love him so he has that…and a Golden Globe. But no one even remembers Michael C. Hall. The guy is incredible…says me.
Marcia Gay Harden and Kevin Kline lost their chances of Emmy love. Nothing against the winners in each case…but Kevin Kline needs a rebirth and Marcia Gay Harden is just delightful how can you vote against her? I don’t how.
The Fury Inducing
Jon Cryer from Two & A Half Men. Really? And not because I HATE this show? But really? This would have been the opportune time for a Kanye West outbreak….then again no. but still. Tsk, tsk, Academy.

Other things learned…
Chandra Wilson and Sandra Oh have now lost five consecutive Emmy’s. I know people go crazy over Hugh Laurie and Steve’s many losses but these girls are underloved too. Whether or not you’re a Grey’s fan, it was kind of sad to see Chandra lose two awards last night. Although both gave their best work seasons ago. And to think Sandra has a Globe and an individual SAG andChandra has TWO individual SAG wins. Oh well.
I still feel sad when I see Natasha Richardson. I wish she would have had a more illustrious film career. But oh well. Now I’m going to go listen to her singing Cabaret and pretend she’s still alive. And that I’m Liam Neeson.
Sarah McLachlan can still give me goose bumps.
Shirley MacLaine is getting old…but don’t worry S. I still love you. I now realise that she and Annette Bening are in-laws. Does she have a good relationship with Warren? Do she and Annette get along? Or is it Aurora vs Deirdre?
I did not care for the winner of ANY Supporting Actor or Lead Actor Category…
So did you watch the Emmy’s? Like the winners? Hated them? Don’t care?

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Alex in Movieland said...

Being in Greece and all that, I didn't manage to see the show :( for the first time in years.

but I hope I'll get a look at it soon. I love Mad Men! so very happy it won. I'm also a 30 rock watcher, so I can say it had some killer episodes last season. And Alec Baldwin totally deserved it. That Generalissimo episode was hilarious!!