Sunday, 27 September 2009

Supporting Actress Smackdown:1993

I hate technology. Why? Because I'm addicted to it. There was a time when I'd just read. Little TV, a fair amount of music...and a lot of books. Now with this blasted technology thing I'm addicted. Oh well, we had this massive power outage today in this area for twelve hours. So yeah. That sucked. Hence I caught the results to StinkyLulu's Smackdown a little a lot late. So you should head over there and take a look see at the year 1993 and what the Smackers chose. What are your thoughts on 1993? Good year [are you crazy]...bad year? What would your slate look like...and ummm, why are you still here? I said to head over to Stinky Lulu. NOW!

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