Saturday, 19 September 2009


This is the opposite of my overrated lists. Things that I love but others can't really seem to appreciate enough or at all.

Gosford Park
 Kristin Scott Thomas
Joan Allen
Natalie Wood
Maury Yeston
Burn After Reading
The Sixties [movies]
Tyra Banks
Before the Devil Knows You're Dead
Brad Pitt [the actor]
Corpse Bride
Glenn Close 
Minority Report 
Don Cheadle 

Am I alone here, or do you love any of these?

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Univarn said...

I loved Atonement, Don Cheadle, Minority Report, Brad Pitt (excluding the film Troy), heck I think Pitt made Burn After Reading watchable, but it fell apart for me after he was gone.

60's films had a great kickoff with Spartacus, Psycho and The Apartment all in 1960. Definitely had quite a good amount of great films (West Side Story, Longest Day, Laurence of Arabia)... not sure it's my favorite decade but it's definitely underrated.

As for Tyra Banks, are we talking about muted or unmuted?

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

Touché on the Tyra question. I just think people shouldn't give her all the crap. She's a smart girl/woman.

The sixties may be my favourite decade.

MovieNut14 said...

Um, you're calling Brad Pitt underrated? What planet are you from?

Univarn said...

There's one undeniable truth about modern hollywood: if you do anything that can be made fun of in any way shape or form, everyone who can will... Though some people (Kanye West, Paul W.S. Anderson) just ask for it.

Anonymous said...

I loved Burn After Reading. Also, I am slowly starting to cherish Kristin Scott Thomas. However, I cannot get on board with Atonement. There are great scenes, but Keira Knightley did nothing for me.