Thursday, 17 September 2009

The Office, 6:1 "Gossip"

So did you all catch the season premiere of The Office? In my misguided attempt to do something studious [read] I forgot and missed the cold opening. No sweat though I got it from the credits which was more than enough.
What a premiere it was, the episode “Gossip” was as crazy as per usual from this the funniest show on TV. After Michael gets annoyed that he’s never in on any gossip in the office he’s elated when he finds out Stanley’s having an affair and spreads it to everyone. But when Stanley confides to him and tells him not to tell anyone how does Michael take back his words. No he does not say it was a lie, he spreads even more gossip hoping everyone will realise everything he said was a lie…including Stanley’s affair. Only Michael Scott.

It was just an all-round hilarious episode.

Unintentionally favourite quote, Kevin – after finding out Pam is pregnant.

At first I thought she was padding but then I thought…wait…Pam doesn’t need padding. And I knew something was up. It just didn’t add up Jim. Okay, Kevin.

It’s probably only funny in context, but still funny.
And what was up with Andy depending on Michael to tell him if he’s gay or not? Jim’s delivery was dead – on. You have to sleep with a woman. Then sleep with a man and then compare the two. You almost thought he was serious. Almost.
Okay. Did you watch? Am I talking to myself here?

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Univarn said...

I chose to watch the Fringe premier instead, I'll catch the office premier when it hops into the online realm. Sounds like fun though :).