Sunday, 27 September 2009

My Favourite Films

Since Danny asked me the other day about this ongoing feature I thought I’d clear up any confusion. This is not a list of the best films I’ve seen. Hell, I don’t know what that list would like that…and frankly, I don’t give a damn [that’s probably going to be on the list]. You already have the AFI in their way, telling us that so and so are the best films ever, so why do you need me to reinforce that? You don’t. What this is a list of the 100 films that have affected me the most. Don’t think this means I’m getting all weepy and this is a list of the most tear-jerking films. No. It’s not. You know those movies that your life would be empty without? These are mine. A purely subjective list. Keep that in mind. You might find The Godfather there, and then again you might not. You might Schindler’s List, there. And then again, you might not. Are these films, good – great? Hell yes, they are. But that doesn’t really concern me at the moment. It only matters if they’ve had a big impact on me. Because these are the movies that I think about when I start cinema lusting.
The list consists of films seen from 2007 going back. No films released after 2007 are eligible. If this blogging thing goes well, maybe next year this time I’ll revise the list. Maybe. Films released before 2007 that I see after have a shot of entering the firmament but only in special circumstances. I have to have some boundaries.
I must admit that I’m a bit of an elitist and have some highbrow tastes. No that the list is ridden with elusive foreign films or anything. But it does have a lot of Oscar winners. About 75% of them are probably Oscar type films. Sue me. My repertoire isn’t that broad. They’re the films that appeal to me. Yes, I like stuff like The Reader and Babel and The End of the Affair. But the list does have a few left-field choices that you probably wouldn’t expect. Just a heads up to all those teen movie/Lindsay Lohan haters…Mean Girls is on the list. It’s just a warning. And Citizen Kane is not. Great movie [best in the world…no], but it didn’t have that big effect on me. So it’s not there. To Kill A Mockingbird, great film, one of the best of the sixties perhaps…but it’s not here. Sorry. It didn’t change my life. The novel did, the movie not so much.
So there you have it folks. This is what my hundred favourite films will look like. You stand warned.
PS. I may be away from the computer today, so in case I'm not back...head over to Stinky Lulu and catch the smackdown as it happens. The year is 1993. Join in the fun and comment, etc.


Univarn said...

I do the same thing with my list, it's not so much the "best" films of all time, just the best films for me that I've seen. It's always being updated. I take personal impact, historical significance, repeat viewings and all that into account, but it's a personal list.

I'm enjoying yours and I think that's the best way to go.

Personal Plug - check
Kind remark about author - check

ok I'm good :P

Danny King said...

Great explanation, I'm not sure I would do it any other way. I probably wouldn't have Citizen Kane on my list either because, like you said, it didn't really have a great impact on me. A lot of "classics" are certainly films that I can appreciate, but not necessarily films I connect to as well as other ones.