Friday, 4 September 2009

Long Overdue Reviews: Drag Me To Hell; Public Enemies

The post title might actually fool you…because these aren’t reviews. Just some short rants on these films – which are not even new anymore...but both have the same rating for me...B-
Drag Me to Hell
Is this supposed to be a horror flick? I haven’t watched a horror movie in a while – not quite my genre…but I guess I was misled by the previews because this is not quite a horror movie. I suppose thriller is more accurate. Alison Lohman stars as a young bank clerk who prevents an older woman from getting an extension on her mortgage. The old woman turns out to be a gypsy and she curses Christine, leading to the typical outlandish events…or maybe not so typical. As I said before horror or whatever this genre is…not usually my cup of tea. But this is a nice movie. It’s well made, edited wonderfully and the acting is good. Justin Long is a bit tepid as the caring boyfriend…but I suppose it was more an occupational hazard of the role. For some reason Alison Lohman really reminded me of Anna Paquin in this.
The ending of the film is what sold it for most. At first I didn’t think that they were going to do it – I was actually hoping they wouldn’t…but they did. But I guess I was that invested…so I felt bad…or maybe the film was so good it kept you guessing. This is a good movie. Even if you’re not a fan of the genre. Check it out at least once. It’s nothing if not entertaining. And Alison Lohman is really good in this. But what thing worried me...if she's going to hell...what about me...?
Public Enemies
I saw this film a looooong time ago…and I posted not even a line on it. I was a tad disappointed. But I saw it again last week…and it’s improved. The hype was too much – I was expecting Scorsese and if there’s one thing I know…there’s only one Scorsese. You’ve probably seen all the reviews for this if you haven’t seen it…and it will be out on DVD soon I figure so the question is…should you get the DVD? I’m torn. The movie is not the masterpiece it was being advertised as but it’s a not bad. Marion Cotillard…I cannot stop singing her praises. She is wonderful in this film. I liked her bit role in Big Fish and I liked her in La Vie En Rose…but I think I may be falling… Now I really can’t wait for Nine. Off topic, but she reminded me slightly of Angelina Jolie how she looked in her first scene.

One of my friend’s favourite actor is Mr. Depp and I like him too, but I keep waiting for him to be outstanding. And he was good in this. It’s a good performance…but it was so passive. But if this film goes over well with the awards and he gets nominated…I will not mind. I can’t remember much being said about Christian Bale…but he was good too. If the script wasn't so weak with his character...I'd have given him more praises.
My main problem with the movie though is the Bale part. The strength of this film lies in the Depp/Cotillard plotline. Their chemistry is awesome. I think the film would have worked better had this been paramount and not the police hunting Dillinger. We’ve already seen this done countless times before…and it took so long for the film to find it’s footing…the editing was not very good as far as I’m concerned. The sound and sound editing though was impressive. Hmmm. Go get it... it was not a wasted two hours.

What did you think of these? Have you seen them?


Danny King said...

I agree with pretty much all of your points here. I think my Public Enemies experience was hurt by the fact that I was expecting a complete masterpiece. And I agree with the fact that the Depp/Cotillard scenes are what hold the film together.

As for Drag Me To Hell, you are certainly correct that it is not a complete horror flick. Raimi tries and is successful at incorporating comedy as well and that, I think, is the ultimate reason the movie succeeds...It doesn't take itself too seriously.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

Quite correct on the comedy in DRAG ME TO HELL...I think that's why people like the ending...definitely doesn't take itself seriously. And yes Depp and Cotillard were scintillating in their [short] time together.