Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Katharine Hepburn...and More

Unless you've really not been paying attention you wouldn't have noticed my constant reminders to vote in the Katharine Hepburn Awards. Well it's been approximately three weeks so I'll be closing voting on Friday. If you haven't voted as yet, kindly do so. The results are very interesting so far. After closing polls, I'll probably open voting for the winners on Monday, lasting for a week or maybe two. You decide. 
And totally off topic, but I've been having Harry Potter on my mind a lot lately, and I came across this hilarious discussion over on IMDB. Maybe it's just me, but these just had me cracking up.
Anyway, other than KH...what's on your mind? Have you seen the trailer for The Princess & the Frog, the prospective Antichrist poster. Hyped about Up In the Air?

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anahita said...

LMAO that harry potter thread is hilarious