Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Favourites: Best Original Song

You know those songs in those movies you hear and you just can't stop listening to? Well some of them actually won Oscars. Here's a list of my favourite Best Original Song Winners at the Oscars

'Sooner Or Later' from Dick Tracy [1990]

Of course I worship Sondheim, but this isn’t just nepotism. Don’t listen to the song and say, oh it’s so vacuous. The song was written in the character of Breathless Mahoney, and you know this is what she would be saying…and isn’t it ironic having Madonna sing this?

'Into the West' from The Lord of the Rings [2003]

Annie Lennox singing this is remarkable but the poetry of the lyrics is an even greater feat. Embarrassing confession – I cried when this played as the credits rolled.

'Windmills of Your Mind' from The Thomas Crown Affair [1968]

This song is intoxicating. It’s the only word coming to me.

'Evergreen' from A Star is Born [1976]

Yeah, it’s Streisand…but the song is good. Really good.

'Falling Slowly' from Once [2007]

Whatever you’ve heard about this song…it’s true.
'Over' the Rainbow from The Wizard of Oz [1939]

Iconic and deservedly so.
'The Way We Were' from The Way We Were [1973]

Streisand again?! No she didn’t write this one…this is one depressing song. I don’t know why people think it’s an ultimate love song.
'I’ve Had the Time of My Life' from Dirty Dancing [1987]

You know you love this.
'You Must Love Me' from Evita [1996]

What is this you tell me? Another song sung by Lady Madonna. Not a fan of Webber but this song is hauntingly beautiful.
'White Christmas' from Holiday Inn [1942]

Is this the most depressing Christmas song? That makes me love it even more.
Take a look at the list and tell me which of the winners you love.



Univarn said...

Most of the time the songs I really enjoy don't end up winning best song :( but you got a good list here. I especially love White Christmas and have always had a fascination with Over the Rainbow, it's just such a good song.

Danny King said...

I think both Clint Eastwood and Bruce Springsteen got robbed in this category last year. As good as Slumdog's soundtrack was, I think one of these two songs should've been rewarded first.

Danny King said...

All of the music from Once is also brilliant. That's one of my favorite movies of the decade. Falling Slowly was the best song, but the rest were on par as well.

RC said...

Good list --- of course this category is a little bizarre -- kind of always has been (you included windmills of your mind as a "plus" but I would include it in the bizarre category, along with Shaft theme.)

I think Once is one of the most worthy winners - it's a wonderful song and plays an important part in the film - it's not just a song they played in the credits, and it's not some mismatched award nominee.