Monday, 21 September 2009

The Billboard Hot 15

I used to be really into The Billboard Hot 100 back in the day…so I’m regurgitating it. Here’s what my top 15 would look like – each of these songs is in the Top 100 this week.
1. Never Say Never [The Fray]
I cannot get this song out of my head…and then when I think the obsession’s over it plays again and starts all over…

2. Sweet Dreams [Beyonce]
I dare you not to tap your feet…it almost makes me want to get and dance…almost.

3. Use Somebody [Kings of Leon]
I’m sure they have other good music I just don’t know of, but this song is just really good. Maybe I should check them out…
4. 21 Guns – [Green Day]
I get a bit sad when I think this is being referred to as The Transformers’ song. Ugh, but oh well. Still a good song.
5. I Gotta Feeling [Black Eyed Peas]
This has been getting way too ubiquitous but I still can’t resist that insane hook.
6. Already Gone [Kelly Clarkson]
Halo Redux. But who cares? It’s Kelly.
7. She Wolf [Shakira]
You hear the song and you realise her appeal is not just her looks. Shocking. But then we already knew that. Right?
8. Obsessed [Mariah Carey]
One of those insanely stupid songs with some crazy internal rhymes that only she could make work.
9. Run This Town [Jay Z, Kanye West & Rihanna]
I’ll admit the genius that is Jay Z is somewhat dimmed next to Kanye and Rihanna…but then I remember, you can’t have it all.
10. Don’t Stop Believin’ [Glee Cast]
I still can’t believe this is actually on the Countdown
11. Ego [Beyonce]
I don’t like it any less for the potential double entendre.
12. Good Girls Go Bad [Cobra Starship feat Leighton Meester]
After repeat listens it’s not that good. But it’s not bad.
13. Battlefield [Jordin Sparks]
If only the video could have been worthy of the song.
14. Paparazzi [Lady Gaga]
Guess I’m one of the few not blown over by Lady. But her vocals are insane on this track.
15. Boom Boom Pow [Black Eyed Peas]
Even sillier than it’s successor…but it has its moments. Many.
Check out the actual chart here.
And then because the Billboard tracks are not what I listen to all the time. These are some non current songs I’m loving Laughing With God [Regina Spektor], My Heart Belongs to Me [Barbra Streisand], New Music [and everything else from Ragtime], A Call From the Vatican [and everything else from Nine], Later [and everything from A Little Night Music]
What are you listening to?
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J708 said...

sweet dreams is a great one! dunno why they don't play it on the radio enough.