Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Supporting Actress Smackdown

You've heard of Stinkylulu, right? His Supporting Actress Smackdown series is almost legendary in the blogging world. Movie Mania has decided to adapt the series and he's beginning with 2002 which was one of the better years in film. The nominees are
Catherine Zeta Jones in Chicago [winner]
Kathy Bates in Adaptation
Queen Latifah in Chicago
Julianne Moore in The Hours
Meryl Streep in Adaptation

Anyone who wants to participate and has seen the films, it's simple. Judge the five actresses and rate them from 1-5, you're allowed one tie. Then right a short rant on their performances [25-50] words and send it to You must have a blog to compete.


Joe Shetina said...
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Alex in Movieland said...

hmmmm. This just doesn't sound right.
My loyalty is with Stinkylulu.