Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Shades of Katharine Hepburn

I've slept, I've woken and I still have Katharine on mind. Katharine Hepburn is my favourite actress of all time. I honestly believe that she is the greatest, most talented, most formidable female talent to grace the screen of the silver screen. Katharine is what one would call the quintessential leading lady; and as such I think of most leading female performances in terms of Kate. This got me thinking, if some of Kate’s films were to be remade which actress would play her. Of course I am against remakes, especially of Kate’s treasures. But it’s still an interesting thought. Here are some of her more acclaimed roles.

Mrs. Venable in Suddenly, Last Summer
If there’s anything that Julianne Moore is notorious for, it’s for being a very bad mother. So this film would be right up that ally. Mrs. Venable is a character created by Tennessee Williams, one of his legendary malevolent Southern Belles. When her son dies in suspicious circumstances on an island she tires to perform a lobotomy on her niece who witnessed the death. It’s a truly horrific roles and one of those very unsympathetic characters. I think Julianne would succeed magnificently with this killer role. And we get to see her in period clothing again. Yay.

Christina Drayton in Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner
Susan Sarandon. No one else. For me, Susan remains the quintessential maternal figure in cinema. It’s not that she’s done many mother roles, she just has the bright tenderness in her acting style, and this role would be great for her. Of course this is one movie that definitely will not be redone, I’m almost sure about that. But still it would be nice to imagine Susan digging into this. To be honest I just want to see Susan back on screen. Hopefully her role in The Lovely Bones is worthy of her talent. But I want to see her in a leading role.

Jane Hudson in Summertime
Two words. Joan Allen. Joan Allen is a good actress. An actress who by now should have an Oscar and an actress who looks very gorgeous for her age of 53. Summertime tells the story of [Jane Hudson ] an American tourist, a spinster, who goes to Italy to experience the beautiful place. She falls in love with the city and with an Italian shop owner, who may or not be a suitable companion. Not many persons know of this film, which sucks, but there’s still chance of it getting remade. Still Joan Allen, I believe, would be a good choice for the role. She hasn’t done anything quite like this before, which would give her the chance to show her change…and the last period piece I remember her in had her looking way too plain.

Rose Sayer in The African Queen
I wrote sometime back in IMDB that if this was to be remade Annette Bening and Warren Beatty would be great together. But it’s been a while now, and Warren Beatty is getting older every minute. It still would be great to see Annette Bening tackle this role. Of course this is another one of those iconic films that will never ever be touched. And it’s good that way. But still I like to imagine there is at least one good performance left in her, and this is a killer role. Off topic, I know...but Oscar totally got it wrong that year. Kate should have won the Oscar over Vivien Leigh and of course Brando deserved it way more than Bogart. Ah well. They all have Oscars at the end of the day...

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MovieMania said...

It's funny because Leigh actually thought that Hepburn was going to win the Oscar. But I do very much agree with Viven's win.

Wayne B. said...

Fantastic fantasy casting!!
Totally agree with you that Joan Allen would be fantastic in a Summertime remake.