Saturday, 8 August 2009

Nine From Tim Burton

In preparation for what is sure to be a visual spectacle [Alice In Wonderland], I have decided to compile a list of my top 9 Tim Burton performances.

#9 Miranda Richardson Sleepy Hollow
I've always been a fan of Miranda and she is wonderfully macabre in this dual role. It's a pity Burton never worked with her again, because no one gives her any roles at all.

#8 Michael Keaton Beetlejuice
I don't know if this qualifies as an 'iconic' role, but Keaton was a hell of a lot of awesome playing the title character.

# 7 Johnny Depp Sleepy Hollow
Too low for Depp, perhaps. Wrong film? I don't think so. This is before he went off the deep end of course. Depp was tops in this film. This was a really good Burton piece.

# 6 Martin Landau Ed Wood
The only Burton actor to win an Oscar. For a decade where so many good supporting roles were looked over [Pitt, Fiennes, Rush] for their freakishness they didn't hold back with him.

# 5 Jack Nicholson Batman
He will always be THE Joker. And that's as it should be. He is the best.

# 4 Albert Finney Big Fish
Finney has always been a reliable supporting actor and yet they snubbed him for a quite poignant performance. This being the same Academy who nominated him for Erin Brockovich...

# 3 Helena Bonham Carter Sweeney Todd
I was torn between this and her incredible voice work in Corpse Bride. They were both really good.

#2 Ewan McGregor Big Fish
Criminally ignored at the major awards that year this is his best performance. He owned the role. If you don't believe go see it. If you still don't believe...ummm...why not?

# 1 Michelle Pfeiffer Batman Returns
Nathaniel calls it the best superhero performance ever, and he may not be wrong. 1992 was a horrible year in film and they couldn't recognise her for this blockbuster...and they nominated her that same year for Love Field. Sigh!

What are your fave Burton performances? Or do you not like him?

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Alex in Movieland said...

I probably have to go with Martin Landau in Ed Wood or Johnny for Edward Scissorhands (!!!)

Farzan said...

I'm a big Burton fan and simply enjoy most if not all of his films. In no order

Paul Reubens - Pee-wee's Big Adventure
Hes so funny and makes for one of the biggest geeks ever to grace the big screen. This is one guy I can laugh at all the time.

Michael Keaton - Beetle Juice
I honestly cant think of anyone who could have played this part as unique as Keaton did. Hes funny and creepy at the same time. Great performance indeed.

Michael Keaton - Batman
I still think he played the best Bruce Wayne/Batman. Their was something about him that made him the best choice to play this role. The fact that his Wayne character acts alot different than his Batman character, makes for some recognition.

Jack Nicholson - Batman
It wasn't easy playing this character, but I think Nicholson nailed it. He was funny yet scary at the same time. The little things like the big gun at the end or the hand buzzard at the meeting, are nice touches that made this character so memorable.

Johnny Depp - Edward Scissorhands
Depp played this part with alot of heart. He made this strange yet creepy character that much more love-able. This is easily one of Depp's better performances.

Michelle Pfeiffer - Batman Returns
I loved her character and thought she made for a sexy villain opposite Batman. Her performance was top notch and easily better than some of the stuff shes been doing lately.

Ewan McGregor - Big Fish
Good performance that was wonderful to see on screen. Big Fish was definitely a different film from director Burton, but it was still an amazing piece of work. Part of that was dependent of how well McGregor played that character.

Joe Shetina said...

Martin Landau and Pfeiffer. I think I prefer Burton when he's toned down a bit.

Encore Entertainment said...

God, Farzan. Very comprehensive. @Joe, I too like Burton toned down. Alex and Joe love Landau too. Cool. He's never impressed me in much else, though.