Sunday, 30 August 2009

The New Catwoman

A few days ago through The Movie Blog, it came to my knowledge that there was a rumour spreading that Megan Fox was to be cast in Chris Nolan’s third Batman film as Catwoman. Can I just say? Kill me now. I refuse to dedicate a post to Megan Fox and all that she stands for. But it got me thinking, if Nolan did decide to continue his Batman venture [of which I’m not exactly a fan] who would be the perfect Catwoman? As such I decided to compile a list of nine potential Catwomen. This list is not exclusive, and some of these women definitely won’t be doing a Catwoman film. But it’s just wishful know - wishing and hoping and... Well you get the idea?

Sarah Michelle Gellar
I’m not sure how this would turn out. It’s probably just left over Buffy love. I don’t know if she’d really be able to go all Catwoman on us, but I really feel that somewhere, deep inside, there’s a good actress hiding... And why not start here?

Amy Ryan
Don’t ask WTF. Think about it. Amy is a pretty girl, in a somewhat unassuming way. We know she can go plain, but if you’ve seen her at awards you also know that she can look hot. She’s a good actress [see Changeling, Gone, Baby Gone] and we’ve never seen her go all sassy like Catwoman. I think she could do well in this role. I mean we didn’t think that Heath Ledger would make a convincing Joker.
Angelina Jolie
Angelina is probably the least likely of all the ladies to actually take this role. Despite looking good for age Angie seems like too obvious choice I suppose; what with her Lara Croft background and all that. But I think she would work as Catwoman. She could do the role in her sleep. But she's so low because I doubt that they'd look to her.
Kate Beckinsale
I hate Underworld and all its spawn...but she's hot and she's not a bad actress either [Nothing But the Truth, The Aviator]...but is this too Underworld...probably. And I really can't see her and Christian Bale together...

Zoe Saldana
Zoe is another acress in search of a killerrole. I’m not sure that she’s that great an actress, but I'm sure with a good role she could be impressive.
Scarlett Johansson
Is this a no go? I don’t know...but I’d like to see what Scarlett would do with this role. I know that it would be an unlikely choice. She doesn’t really look like a typical Catwoman...but I think she could be good. A different sort of choice, but Scarlett needs a good role.
Drew Barrymore
Drew Barymore has some of the most luscious lips on any actress, and with her red hair she might be good in this. With Grey Gardens we can all finally say that she has at least some talent, and I would like to her and Bale face off. That would be hot. Very hot indeed.

Kerry Washington
I’m still waiting for Kerry to get a good role so that she can impress America. She’s pretty and she can play sassy well. And she’s not completely overexposed so there wouldn’t be any insurmountable expectations to overcome.

Lucy Liu
This is my favourite idea. An Asian Catwoman. Lucy Liu was smoking in Charlie’s Angels, regardless of what you thought of the venture as a film. She looks great in leather, and she was great in her bit role in Kill Bill. She would destroy this role.
But what do you think? Are any of these choices viable? Any ideas yourself?


DEZMOND said...

Actually I like Megan Fox as a Catwoman because she's certainly nasty and spicy enough to look puuurfect in a catsuit :)

But I think that Catwoman should be played by a woman who was first tied to this role in the CATWOMAN movie, but then somebody made a very bad and very wrong calculation that Halle Berry would be better and we all know what a disaster that was in the end. The woman who was first meant to do the role is Ashley Judd, elegant, gorgeous, charismatic, sexy, smart and plus she has that "something something" in her manner, look and eyes.

Do you remember how in one point even Cher was considered a likely candidate in Nolan's plans :)))

Danny King said...

I agree that Lucy Lui would be great in the role. She was very entertaining in Kill Bill, although, I'm not quite sure that Nolan is going to go in a Catwoman direction if he returns. That just doesn't seem like the way to continue the story where it left off.

Wayne B. said...

Lucy Liu as Catwoman! Oh yes, she would be killer.

Farzan said...

I think Jolie is the only one that could pull this off as good as I imagine it to be. Shes already been in a ton of action films and is definitely flexible enough to perform most of her stunts. Drew Barrymore is a horrible choice and Scarlett Johansson doesn't really fit the part.