Friday, 7 August 2009

My Life In Film: A Game

No, I'm not talking about Anahita over at her blog, which you should check out. This is a game, I sort of made up. Let me explain. One of my friends is obsessed with facebook and she calls me constantly telling me about all the fun she has on it. Yes, she's an addict. The other day she day she was telling me about this game where you'd pick songs by an artist and and answer some questions. It seemed cool, but this is not a music blog, it's about film. So I thought I'd adapt the game and make it about movies. Some of the questions were about silly so I cut it down to ten and made my list. It's actually a cool thing to do. I'm going to send this over to some bloggers and post their responses as time continues. Even if I didn't send it to you, try it...on your blog or's a cool way to pass the time.
Gender: Iron Man
Describe Yourself: Dangerous Liaisons
How Do You Feel Right Now: One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Where Do You Live: Mean Streets
What's the Weather like: Purple Rain
What's Your Biggest Fear: Atonement
Where Would You Like to Go: New York/New York
What Form of Transportation do You Prefer: A Streetcar Named Desire
Your Life is Film, What's it's called?: Defiance
What Are You Doing Today: Singin' in the Rain
Give Us a Piece of Advice: Wait Until Dark


anahita said...

haha this is so COOL. do you pick any film?? oooh, am gonna do this - will have to think carefully about my answers though! :D xxx

anahita said...

ooh, and thanks for the free advertising btw :P xx