Friday, 21 August 2009

A Love Song For Bobby Long

Here's my review of A Love Song For Bobby Long over at Film For the Soul.

Andrew Kendall of
Encore's World of Film & TV takes on 2004's 'underwhelming' Love Song for Bobby Long, based on the novel Off Magazine Street by Ronald Everett Capps, starring John Travolta as a washed up literature professor. Something of a flop at the box-office, despite co-starring the in favour Scarlet Johansson, a Love Song for Bobby Long fared just as poorly with the critics yet Andrew believes it's not all that bad and it's certainly a movie worth your time.

Love Song for Bobby Long can easily be classified as good trash, and that’s for the most part what it’s been called. It performed underwhelming at the box office, mediocre to fair with the critics but… and this is a big but – it’s not a bad movie.

A Love Song for Bobby Long stars John Travolta and Scarlet Johansson. As an actor John Travolta falls into a specific group of actors including Nicolas Cage and George Clooney. Movie stars with rabid followers that have never impressed me with their acting abilities.

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