Friday, 7 August 2009

The Lone Director Spot

If you’re like me and are obsessed with the Oscar you know about something called the lone director spot. Right? It happens once every couple of years where a film that AMPAS respects but does not love is so well reviewed and is so good that they decide to extend a nomination to the director, but don’t bother giving the film a nod for Best Picture. Some popular lone directors of recent time have been Julian Schnabel [for the amazing The Diving Bell & the Butterfly], Pedro Almodóvar [for the sublime Talk to Her], David Lynch [the critical smash Mulholland Dr] and Paul Greengrass [for the enduring United 93].

You’re probably thinking, and your point is. Well if your like me or even if you’re not you probably heard the news that AMPAS are extending their Best Picture lineup to 10. So I’m wondering will there still be the case of The Lone Director coming into play? Is it possible for a film to get a director nod [a 1 in 5 chance] and not get a Picture nod [a 1 in 10 chance]? I mean if you look back, we know the Academy didn’t love these films, but you imagine five films [in addition to the actual best picture lineup] beating these masterpieces – The Diving Bell & the Butterfly, Vera Drake, Pollock. Is the legend of the Lone Director to become just that? …a legend?

I mean back in 2006 we knew that United 93 was not getting a Best Picture nod, but Greengrass had a shot. But in this day and age wouldn’t it be looking forward to a potential Best Picture too. Maybe. It seems like I’ve finally found something infinitesimally positive about this ten nominations thing after all. Now maybe Schabel and Avlodomar and Lynch could finally have been said to have directed Best Picture nominees. It’s about time. And here’s to hoping Broken Embraces is in the 10.

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