Friday, 28 August 2009

Linkin' Chenoweth

NO! NO! NO! NO! Just when Paula Abdul leaves Idol and I am safely free of any desire to watch another episode, those damned Fox Executives do it again. Kristin Chenoweth [Pushing Daisies, Wicked!] is going to be a guest judge on the show. Now I'll have to watch because I must see Chenoweth...even if it's next to that insufferable Kara lady. Everytime I try to leave they just keep pulling me back in... Ah well!

And in other news, this may or may not be a spoiler for The Office. I don't think it's one but click the link if you dare. It's about Jim & Pam. And it's very sweet. I guess that's a spoiler. Oh well. Tough.

And in film news....AAAH George Clooney I hate you! Okay, let me not get out of hand. But it seems that his Up In Air had a bit to do with Shutter Island's push to next year. Damn you, George Clooney! And Jason Reiteman.

Danny King takes a look back at The Summer of 2009 in films. Its a nice read.

And finally head back over to BuddvTV, and take the Mad Men quiz to find out which character you are! You'll have to sign up first, but that doesn't take long.


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