Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Link You

The more attentive of you have probably realised that the two polls I had at the side of the page have been closed for a while. The winners were Beauty & the Beast and The Pirates of the Caribbean – your choices. So I’ll be getting up the reviews for them. Pirates of the Caribbean should be up by tomorrow and Beauty & the Beast by Saturday. In case you haven’t noticed, do check out the Katharine Hepburn polls. Alex in Movieland is looking at the Best Actresses of 1957; his last post was on Elizabeth Taylor in Raintree Country. Take a look at his penetrating review.

Slage Sowdive who’s notorious for hating the Oscar’s picks in Actress and Best Actress defends Halle Berry’s win for Monster’s Ball. Although I like Halle that year it was between Sissy Spaceck [In the Bedroom] and Nicole Kidman [Moulin Rouge!] for me.

Movie Mania has a short rant about Network, overrated he calls it. What do you think?

And StinkyLulu is back and ready to start his Supporting Actress Smackdown. So head over here and vote for your year.

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