Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Because Nathaniel Said So...

A list of my 25 favourite actors...or rather 25 Actors that I want to be.

I know tomorrow I'll realise that I missed somebody...but they're high up.

First Group
Spencer Tracy
Peter O'Toole
Warren Beatty
Richard Burton
Jude Law
Leonardo DiCaprio
Ralph Fiennes

Second Group
Cary Grant
Christopher Walken
Daniel Day Lewis
Marlon Brando
James Dean
Brad Pitt
Jon Voight
Ed Harris

Group Three
Montgomery Clift
Johnny Depp
Anthony Hopkins
Sean Penn
Russ Tamblyn
Albert Finney
Jack Lemmon
William Hurt
Dustin Hoffman
Philip Seymour Hoffman

PS. What do these 25 men have in common?

And I forgot...check out Nathaniel's list.

And I notoriously forgot WILLEM DEFOE...shame on


DEZMOND said...

Jude Law and Peter O'Toole would be on my list as well :))

Wayne B. said...

The thing they all have in common is that every single one of them has been at least NOMINATED for an Oscar, while 12 of them have won Oscars; one for directing and 11 for acting.

I think....

Encore Entertainment said...

Aaah. Very nice Wayne. Very nice. Yup every single one of them has an Oscar nomination. I'm sure I should be embarrassed about this...but no.

Melinda said...

Finney, Brando, O'Toole, Tracy and Burton are supreme. Glad they made your list. Alas only Finney and O'Toole are left. In my opinion, the world's greatest living actors.

Runs Like A Gay said...

Nice to see some love for Russ Tamblyn. Although I confess it took until I read the names before I really recognised him.

Anonymous said...

Jude Law? Brad Pitt? Estos nos son actores son modelos de pasarela a los que han puesto a actuar. De verdad alguien cree que Brad Pitt es un buen actor? No solo es malo sino que carece de magnetismo algo imprescindible para aparecer en pantalla