Sunday, 12 July 2009

Tell Me It's Real

Just a few words.

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Interview With Mr. Hampton
If this is true I may flip out. In an interview Hampton [screenwriter of Atonement, Dangerous Liaisons and Cheri] says he plans on adapting the play The Seagulls to a film with the delicious Kristin Scott Thomas reprising her role. If this becomes a reality I may implode from happiness. I love Kristin, and I love her in period films.This could be a great thing if it happens. Anyhow, here's the pictures of Ms. Thomas in her only Oscar nominated performance. Grrrr.

She should have won...okay shouldn't she have? I am so biased and Frances McDormand was great as was Emily Watson, but I adore, love, admire Kristin Scott Thomas. She needs to get an Oscar...or at least another nomination. Look out next Friday, she's my Favourite of the week.

Would anyone of you want to see this...?

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