Tuesday, 14 July 2009


Here's my review for Girl With A Pearl Earring over at Film For the Soul. They're back tracking through 2003. The review is not pretty. So I'm warning you, if you like this movie you won't be happy. But if you do like it, speak up. Why do you like it?

Joe Shetina rants about stuff, among them the shakeup in cast for Peter Morgan's next film about Hillary and Bill. Out Julianne Moore in Hope Davis. Not a dig at Hope, but this is Hillary Clinton. Hope Davis? HOPE DAVIS??!!Okay, liking Hillary aside, I don't think anyone but Annette Bening can do this role any justice. Even Dennis Quaid seems underwhelming as Bill, but I don't have any suggestions.

Nathaniel has a vodcast review of the new Harry Potter film up. In some shots Nathaniellooks as if he's going bald. Scary stuff.

Anahita [my life in film] offers up an interview with Emma [all about my movies]. Very interesting read.

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anahita said...

aww thank you for the mention!! very sweet :) and um...I'll comment on your gwape review on the other site...hang on...