Thursday, 23 July 2009

Random [The Poll: 2000s Musicals, Harry Potter]

You've probably seen the poll to the left of the page. Vote wisely, I'll be reviewing the winner in about a week's time. And write your reasons in the comments below. You can be as expressive [or vague] as you wish.

I'm watching Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince in half an hour. Yes that Harry Potter, I was just reading the seventh book for like the zillionth time. I hope I enjoy it. I hope there's much of Helena Bonham Carter. I'm a bit annoyed with the woman playing Narcissa Malfoy[Helen McRory]. Kristin Scott Thomas would have been way better, but I'll have to see her before I judge her [too harshly]. Anyhow, I'll be posting a review.Speaking of reviews I also need to post one of Duplicity. I saw it over a month ago and have written zilch. Lazy blogger syndrome I have.

And since you're reading this, you obviously have time on your hands so head over to Nathaniel and check out the teaser for Alice In Wonderland.

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