Tuesday, 28 July 2009


These are the sites you need to go over to pronto! :)

Seeing that I'm sort of coming down from my Harry Potter high, here are some reviews of the latest installment.

Rasco Ledger gives a nice look at it
Emma loves it [unsurprising]
Nathaniel is positive
Tommy Salami does not like it
Jose hates it

Anahita does an interview with moi over at her blog
God, I am really loquacious.

Movie Mania offers up his thoughts about Shampoo
Remember Shampoo, back in the 70s when Warren Beatty was everybody's golden boy? When the ladies of Nashville lost in that surprise win to that scene stealer from Shampoo? Here's a nice walk down memory lane.

Alex gives a look at the 1992 Oscar race
One of the most boring 90s Best Actress race. But this was the year of Emma Thompson and her delightful turn in Howards End. So enjoy.

Nathaniel loves 500 Days of Summer
I refuse to look at the vodcast until I see the movie! But maybe you want to watch, or maybe you already saw it. Nathaniel's vodcast's are always cool.

In Contention have a new review of Julia & Julia
Oh, dear more Meryl Streep. Will she or won't she? That seems to be the going question as to her possibility of an Oscar nomination. Since she tied [and surpassed] my beloved Katharine's record I just want her to stop making movies. This looks fun though...

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Tommy Salami said...

Hey, thanks for the link to my HP review. Let me say this- I think all of the Potter movies are entertaining. None of them are junk; I just wish they stood on their own more strongly, as a non-reader of the books. Perhaps I just expect more as the series comes to a close.
Part of me thinks that the movies are meant to give a visual feast to the readers, and be just confusing enough to the non-readers that we'll end up reading them!