Thursday, 4 June 2009

My Favourite Movies

I'm addicted to making lists, it's sort of my thing actually. So what better way to merge making lists with the blog than by making a list of my favourite movies? This is not a list of the best movies, or the most innovative. Actually the more accurate title would be movies that I'd watch again. All the movies are from 2007, I did not include any of the gems from lasts year. But suppose I was, I would rank In Bruges higher than The Dark Knight, even though The Dark is obviously a better film (to everyone but me), just because I would not put The Dark Knight high on my favourites. In the same way some really good films might not have high rankings. It's all personal taste anyway..

It's not going to be in chronological order either, although of course I'll save number one for last.

PS. It's a hundred films, so that's going to take me a while...

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