Sunday, 21 June 2009

Cher in Silkwood

3I’m one of the participants in Stinkylulu’s June Supporting Actress Smackdown for 1983. I was planning on writing reviews on each of the five films up for consideration, but I opted out. I don’t have patience. Instead I decided to write some short vignettes on each of the five actresses and anything that struck me about their films. Some more than others, but I decided I’d go with a 400 word limit. At the end of the series I'll post my favourites of the year. I'll begin with the music star making a cross over...

Cher in Silkwood

Silkwood marks the beginning of Cher’s Oscar career – which just consisted of two nominations really. The film is a showcase for Meryl Streep, this is the Meryl Streep that I liked – the Out of Africa, Sophie’s Choice Meryl not the One True Thing or Bridges of Madison County Meryl or the Doubt and The Devil Wears Prada Meryl, but I deviate. Cher plays the lesbian friend of Karen Silkwood the protagonist of this film. I have always admired (to some extent) Cher as an actress more than her as a musician. Strangely enough my favourite performance of hers was in The Witches of Eastwick, which is not exactly an excellent film – but Cher does well in these type of roles – as she further showed in Moonstruck. I figure that the AMPAS had an agenda nominating Cher for an Oscar. Her performance was actually her first good performance.

As I mentioned earlier, the film is a Meryl showcase and we know that not many could have outdone Meryl back in the eighties. I always get the feeling that Cher was just happy to get a good part; I can always notice a certain earnestness in her performance. It’s not the best performance, but she has me interested… and that’s one thing you can’t fault ever fault her for. She’s not a bland actor.

As I said earlier I figure that AMPAS had an agenda nominating Cher, she was a big movie star and they like the movie (not enough to give it a Best Picture nod), but just enough. So they're not too fond of Kurt Russel and are probably uncertain whether to put him in lead or supporting so they nominate Meryl and they nominate Cher. Back then they seemed really into giving popular people a chance to get invited to ceremony.

Cher's performance is not bad; it just wasn't one my favourite of that year, but it’s always good to see people improve their range.

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Joe Shetina said...

I loved this performance. It isn't so loud and BIG. It's subtle and very realistic. The second half is really where she starts to make an impact. The way her face changes when Meryl asks her if she let anyone know about what she was doing. Unsettling. There's so much there that never gets a chance to break out. That's what I love about it.

Encore Entertainment said...

I don't know, I'll always rather Cher when she does comedy... and even though I'm no Meryl fan, she owned this movie.