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This post is waaay overdue. Sorry.


I suppose that I May be just a little weird. I spend most of my year waiting for the Oscar nominations to come around. So, they’re finally here and I have mixed feelings. I must say that my predictions were generally quite good, but there were some snubs that hurt – and definitely some surprises... some good and some... well you know. So here’s a run down.


I scored four out of five here – I got The Duchess, Revolutionary Road, Australia and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, but surprisingly they left off Changeling in favour of Milk. Obviously I did not anticipate the love that Milk would get here. I am sorry to see Changeling ignored here, but I’m satisfied with this category.


Once again I scored four out of five here – I got Changeling, Revolutionary Road, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and The Duchess. I had Australia (which I felt deserved a nod) over The Dark Knight (which was my alternate). Of course I was just being foolhardy ignoring The Dark Knight.


Two out of three here. Some people were predicting Hellboy, but I didn’t buy it. I guess they weren’t in love with The Reader so much.

So it’s 10/13 for the Artistic Awards

Okay, I got one out of three. Of course I was expecting five nominations – the good thing about this category (I had one song from Slumdog Millionaire, who went on to score two nods) is that there’s no Miley Cyrus, but I don’t think three nominations were enough. And seriously, two nods for Slumdog here? Talk about drinking the soup... I am so pissed that I forgot to put down the song from WALL – E which I was backing. I love Peter Gabriel.

I scored three out of five here, which was a bit embarrassing... I knew that The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Slumdog Millionaire and WALL – E were locked. But I thought that The Dark Knight would sneak in... I don’t mind being wrong, but I think it had more to do with it having two composers than being a bad score. Then I thought they’d reward Eastwood for Changeling. I was crossing my fingers for a shock and I’m glad Defiance made it in... then there’s Milk, I didn’t mind the nod – but seriously? I guess they had to reward Danny Elfman somewhere.

So it’s 5/8 for the Musical Awards


So I ended up with four out of five here, just because I insisted on ignoring The Dark Knight for The Reader. I’m not surprised that I got the others right. This seemed pretty predetermined.


Okay, I scored three out of five here which is disappointing, because I was really banking on those two films that got snubbed – Australia and Revolutionary Road, but it does assuage me that my two alternates Changeling and The Reader were the ones to replace them.


This is my worst category, I got two out of five correct. My words came back to bite me, I contemplated replacing Changeling for WALL – E , but I didn’t. I did not anticipate the love for Wanted. I felt The Curious Case of Benjamin would score here and I thought Australia would surprise us. They opted for Slumdog Millionaire, which probably mean it will win best score – I hope not.


Okay, four out of five here – and I can’t blame myself. I don’t think anyone expected to see Wanted here, I don’t mind though. The other four seem deserving, but what do I know?

Two out of three here – I left off The Dark Knight for The Mummy which I felt was more visual.

So it’s 15/23 for the Technical Awards


I’m still in shock – Vicky Cristina Barcelona did not get a nomination. I can’t believe it – they robbed Woody!!! And I am surprised at Rachel Getting Married being snubbed, but I’m not saddened. I’m a little meh about the nod for Frozen River and I am psyched about In Bruges!

I scored five out of five here... I’m still sad that they’ve snubbed Revolutionary Road. Aaugh!!! At least they didn’t drink the water for The Dark Knight.

I think I have to save my feelings on the Winslet situation for another post, but that being said I am content with the nominations. I’d have loved Rosemarie DeWitt to turn up... but I’ve got to level with myself. She didn’t have a shot. So I scored four out of five here. Go Amy Adams and Taraji!!! I would love if either of them wins on an ‘upset’.

Michael Shannon got nominated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh that’s rich, and no Dev Patel. This was my favourite acting category. I had already realised Ralph Fiennes and Jason Butler Harner were out, but Shannon coming back in is great! The other four have turned up everywhere so I’m not surprised.

So I scored four out of five here with Winslet for the wrong film. Melissa Leo who I had completely overlooked despite a SAG nod sneaked in and I’m glad that it’s her and not Sally Hawkins. I don’t know who’s going to win now. I am sad for Kristin Scott Thomas... that was the snub that made me saddest.

Four out of five again – DiCaprio for Jenkins... I know that this was because AMPAS just snubbed Revolutionary Road completely. Leo deserved to be there over Jenkins, and maybe even Brad – who I like. I’d still like it if he sneaks and wins it – but who am I kidding?

Damn it!!! I predicted a snub for The Dark Knight in the BP race, but I thought they’d fawn for Nolan. Crap... and I could have gone 5 for 5. Well, there you go. That’s what happens when you don’t follow your gut.

Yeah!!! I got five for five! I am so happy with this list (okay, maybe if it was Revolutionary Road). But at least Gran Tornino didn’t sneak in and do some crap.

33/40 for the big eight.

I’ll be back later with a more cohesive rundown.

62/84 overall is not pretty bad. That’s 74% overall and 82% for the top categories. I’m generally content with the nominations – there were not many big surprises.

Does anyone else realise that all three of Angelina Jolie’s movies got nominated. Kung Fu Panda was nominated for Best Animated flick and Wanted got two sound nominations and of course Changeling. It looks like she’s back in the business.

Gran Torino was completely shut out of the awards. I didn’t predict it for any categories, but I didn’t think I’d be so correct. I didn’t predict Letters From Iwo Jima and looked what happened there.

The two biggest shocks for me were In Bruges and Michael Shannon and I’m happy for both. I’d be so psyched if they both end up winning in their respective categories. But you know me and my unattainable wishes.

The love for Frozen River was interesting. I don’t hate the film, so I don’t mind. It really was interesting, though.

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